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SailipAvefe :
Posted 2 days ago
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Baragista :
Posted 1418 days ago
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Martha :
Posted 1423 days ago
Thanks for hplenig me to see things in a different light.
Nards :
Posted 1559 days ago
Learning about inner peace at school in religion and a great site to have as an example if an inititative.
Demelash :
Posted 1728 days ago
omg natala, i could weep just seieng your before and after pictures!!! i'm so proud of you, and you're such such SUCH an inspiration to SO many people out there. I dont know if you remember me i'm c4ssandra, from one of your veganhope support groups earlier this year. After the one-month support thing stopped, I had a period where i was kinda depressed and fell back to eating dairy, eggs and lots of sugar-filled stuff. But I've cut out the dairy and eggs for two months now, and am cutting back on sugar. Your blog is awesome and you are awesome. You'll always be my inspiration, natala!!! You're looking GREAT!
jei :
Posted 1889 days ago
When I am feeling down, I watch this and it always gives me hope. Thank you.
kathy wenzel :
Posted 1925 days ago
U need 2 go facebook....
The music is peacefull provideding the mind when it has nothing.
Thank You,
Kathy Wenzel
In case your on Fbook would you send it 2 me on my page so I can share this inspiration along. Along with God's link 2 give Credit the proper place.
Thanks again
Angel_1ofakind :
Posted 2071 days ago
First Of All.....lord satan, "I Pray 4 You and Yours. And That You Find The "TRUE LORD" Before It's To Late!" Second....I just found this Site by checking out, "An Interview With God!" And Both Sites are Wonderful! Thank You 4 The Messages From Our Lord, Jesus Christ!
Sincerely Yours,
One Of God's Servants!!!
Thilo :
Posted 2076 days ago
Thank you very much for the beautiful message that you spread through this website. I feel inspired and I wish all of you who read this and all the people who visit this site a lot of harmony, joy, peace and that there is plenty of love in their lives. Thanks be to JESUS CHRIST and to the UNIVERSE.
Louise :
Posted 2081 days ago
What a beautiful and inspiring site
God be with you all
Patricia Daye :
Posted 2092 days ago
I've had this on my favorites for years and look at the presentation several times a week. So peaceful and inspiring! Thank you for developing this video.
joe crane :
Posted 2192 days ago
there can be no peace until the power of love
cocures the love of power :
Posted 2299 days ago
The vibration of peace will ripple across the universe when we reconnect with the vibration of divine love that resonates in all of our hearts. Humanity stands on the precipice. By reconnecting with love, for ourselves, and for all beings, we will save ourselves and our Planet. Thank you for your beautiful reminder of what we're really about. Light, Love and Joy, Elizabeth Rose, ... diamondlantern ...

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